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This is an experiment in crowd-sourced songwriting. A melody is currently being generated, note by note, in real-time, using the popular vote of the crowd.

Will the Wisdom of the Crowd create something special?

This melody will eventually become a song with a chord structure of C, G, Am, F repeated 18 times. It will have a structure of (Verse / Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Conclusion).

The song is currently in skeleton form. When it is performed by artists, they will be at liberty to use their artistic interpretation. They can each decide where to use syncopation, how the bass line should sound and whether a gap between notes should be a held note or a pause.

UPDATE 21 July: Thank you for your contribution. After 330 days, we have crowd-sourced a melody! You may still put your vote in for the final note of this melody while we prepare the crowd-generated lyrics page in the next experiment.

Help create the melody right now. Simply vote what you think the next note of the melody should be.

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